What is Xportify?

Introducing Xportify, a Web 3.0 gaming application for workout, socializing, and earning at once. Combing with the cutting-edge technology in AR, motion capture, and immersive gameplay, Xportify redefines exercise from repeating actions into interactive experiences with amusement and pleasure with new and known friends.



Starting with 6 engaging interactive games, the platform is developing provocative gameplay with the simplest set-up, all you need is a mobile device with a functional camera and a small area. Or you could always enjoy a better experience and share your joy with others when you project the screen to a TV or projector.


Xportify is creating a “Web 3.0 playground”, we will gradually increase and enrich gameplays such as jogging, and aerobics, step counting,  live broadcast and other functions.

Rewarding with CAL token

Burning up your calories does not only reward you with better shape and a healthier body, there are more reasons to remind you to keep a good habit. Each CAL token you gained through a level you completed in solo mode, defeating your opponents in competitions, or when the virtual gymnasium you belonged has ranked the top pier in the league. These CAL Token would be your affidavit in the Web 3.0 platform for trading wearable NFTs, shopping coupons and meeting up experience which works in the Sportaverse as well as in the reality. A paid user could trade with those who stored stocks of CAL Token by a transaction of other cryptocurrencies. Of those who are eager to contribute to the community with continuous contributions could be rewarded with real dollars.

Or, you could earn even more, by expanding the platform.

Expanding Sportaverse

In our Sportaverse, everyone could gym to earn, and talents could CREATE to EARN in our developers’ lab. The interactive workout experience is built with combinations of 3D assets, music, level set-up, and immersive gameplay design. Creators are welcome to submit their works and turn them into NFT assets to expand the Sportaverse for CAL Token. Just let us know what is your talent and you would be rewarded. A hip-hop dancing music composed with strong beats? Rewarded! A fashionable, stylish 3D sneakers with a meme on it? Rewarded! New gameplay idea combining light saber, kick-boxing, and dancing? Rewarded! Experts in personal training who came up with an idea or better way for interactive training? Rewarded. It’s just fair, in reality, you help people burn calories, you got paid, and the same rule applies in our Sportaverse as well.